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The Most Expensive And Largest Gold Coin

1933 Gold Double Eagle sold for  7,590,020 million dollars at auction.

The One Tonne Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin is now the most expensive and largest gold coin ever minted. The Perth Mint in Australia has created a coin that weighs over 2,200 pounds and is 99.99% pure gold bullion.

The coin's weight is 1 tonne or 1000 kilograms (or slightly over) and is 80 centimeters wide by 12 centimeters thick. To put that in perspective, the One Tonne Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin is about the size of a motorcycle tire and weighs about as much as a classic Volkswagen Beetle!

It is the biggest and most valuable coin ever minted. Created in October of 2011 the coin has a year-date print of 2012. The coin features a large red jumping or bounding kangaroo on one side and the image of Queen Elizabeth II on the opposite side.

The One Tonne Gold Australian Kangaroo Coin has an official denomination of 1,000,000 Australian Dollars, but at today's gold prices the Australian coin is easily worth between 55-60 million U.S. Dollars! The previous most expensive gold coin was a 1933 Gold Double Eagle that sold at auction for 7,590,020 dollars.

Watch the wonderful video below for a visual, step by step process, of minting the world's largest gold coin ever created. Watch as the one tonne Australian Kangaroo Gold gold is designed, then where the melted gold is poured into it's mold and finally hand crafted by artisans at the Perth Mint.