The Bahia emerald is a 180,000 carat, 850 pound emerald cluster is said to be the second largest emerald ever found.

The largest cut emerald gem is called the Mogul Emerald found in 1965 and weighs 217.80 carats. A 4.5-inch vase that was carved from a single emerald crystal weighing 2,205 carats resides in the Viennese Treasury. The "Duke of Devonshire" at 1,383.95 carats is uncut crystal from Muzo, Colombia.

Where Can I Find Emeralds?

Emeralds can be found in many countries all over the world. Numerous, quality emeralds come from Columbia, South America. You can also find emeralds in the United States. It is possible for the general public to prospect for emeralds in North Carolina, for small fees. I find emeralds to be fascinating. I love the deep green translucent color and the dreams of fabulous wealth, for those lucky to have found a large specimen.

At the Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, North Carolina you can search for emeralds, for small fees. They will even bring you buckets of ore for you to run through sluices, so you can search for emeralds. You can also get permits to search of emeralds throughout the creeks and river beds there. That is what I would really love to do! I think that searching for emeralds in the creeks and rivers of North Carolina would be a great vacation plan, whether I found emeralds or not.

In 2009 Terry Ledford found a 310 carat emerald in North Carolina. It was cut down to, just under 65 carats and called the Carolina Emperor. An emerald this size and unique will probably fetch at least a million dollars, possibly much more. Similar sized emeralds have sold for over 1.5 million dollars.There have been other large emeralds found in North Carolina. I think it would be very exciting to search the rivers and creek beds in North Carolina.

I have always wanted to go prospecting, whether it was for emeralds, gold, diamonds or any other precious gem or metal, for that matter. It has always been a personal dream of mine to search for gold at abandoned mining towns. I also want to pan for gold in some California rivers, someday, somehow. In Arkansas there is a place that allows the public to search for diamonds. I have heard it is difficult to find any diamonds there, but I plan on going someday.

If I ever found a 310 carat emerald, I think I would have it cut to the largest size possible and only sell the smaller pieces and keep the largest. For me, it wouldn't be just about the wealth, but realizing and living that adventurous treasure hunter dream!