The Cullinan Diamond is the largest diamond ever found and was a whopping 3,106.75 carats!

The diamond was found in a small town 30 kilometers east of Pretoria South Africa by Frederick Wells in 1905.

The diamond and the town it was found are named after the owner of the mine Sir Thomas Cullinan.

The diamond was cut producing (at the time) the largest polished diamond named The Great Star of Africa at approximately 530.2 carats.

Other parts of the diamond were used to make The Lesser Star of Africa at approximately 317.4 carats.

Eventually the diamond was cut into a total of 9 diamonds.

It's estimated value is well over 400 million dollars!

There have been rumors that the Cullinan diamond was just part of a larger diamond that broke in half!

The two largest diamonds are part of the Crown Jewels of Great Britain. The largest resides in a scepter and the lesser in a crown.

The Golden Jubilee Diamond is the largest faceted diamond at 545.67 carats.

The Star of Africa Diamond which was derived from the Cullinan Diamond, which  is the largest rough gem-quality diamond that has ever been  found, and weighed 3,106.75 carats.